18. Our Generation in Messianic Prophecies

Our present state of existence which has G-d and G-dliness hidden, the powers of evil unchained, and wicked people prospering, will not continue for long. At the advent of the Messiah, the world will awaken from it's sleep, and will become aware of the Truth and Reality of all existence. The world will have then entered the Messianic Era.1

As we would expect, G-d spoke extensively through the Prophets, and the Rabbis about this time. The following is a sample of what was written as far back as 750 B.C.E. up to 250 years ago.

The Messiah will be revealed when people will be both healthy and brilliant, so scientifically and technologically advanced that they will have the power to destroy the world.2-3

However, the vast majority will be in need of spiritual and moral instruction. They will be shameless and arrogant, and truthfulness will all but disappear. The wickedness of the times will have it's effect upon children who will act brazenly, and disrespectfully towards elders, including their parents and parents-in-law. The exemplary behavior of sin fearing individuals who will try to serve G-d, will not be followed, but rather they will be scorned and despised.4-8

Wars, disharmony and social discord will be the order of the day, to such an extent that one will have enemies in his own family. The government of Israel will also be a victim of society, and will turn to heresy, and as if this is not bad enough, no one will rebuke them. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the spiritual decay of the generation, caused it long ago to be compared to the face of a dog. So low will it be that just as the wicked ways of the people living at the time of Noah brought upon them the flood, so also according to the Divine Attribute of Justice, the generation that will see the Messiah should rightly be destroyed. However, G-d will have mercy upon them, and He will instruct the Messiah to reveal himself, so as to prepare deserving people for their eternal existence on earth. This will happen immediately following a time when the Jewish Nation as a whole will spontaneously repent, and return to G-d and His Torah. If they do not repent voluntarily, G-d will cause an evil ruler to arise over them, whose harsh decrees will force them to do so.9-17

The miracle of the Jewish people returning to their homeland, and rebuilding it up from wastelands, with the assistance of other nations, have all been foretold. This new reality has set the stage for the time when the Third Temple will be built, and Jerusalem will be the spiritual center of the world. But this is not all. The Corona virus corresponds to predictions of a worldwide contagious plague, and the thinning of the Ozone layer fits the descriptions of the sun's shield being removed.18-23

There is another most terrifying prophecy that is also to take place immediately before the revelation of the Messiah, and that is the war of Gog and Magog. There are authorities who said that this battle will not happen in the literal sense, but if it's description is to be taken literally, then we could expect all the nations to attack Jerusalem only to find themselves fighting against G-d. The result will be that it will take seven months for the Jews to bury the enemy dead just around Israel's borders.24-27

The fact that the Jewish Nation at that time will be the reincarnation of the Jews who were in the desert with Moses will surely be among their many merits that will protect them in this war.28

The man who is destined to be the Messiah will be a direct descendant of King David through the family of Solomon, David's son. Even before the "Spirit of the Messiah" descends into him, he will be extremely pious, living in close communion with G-d. When he receives this intense revelation, he will be raised up to an exalted spiritual level:29-30
"The Spirit of G-d shall rest on him
The spirit of wisdom and understanding
The spirit of counsel and might
The spirit of knowledge and the fear of the L-rd."31

Thus, the individual who is to be the guide for all mankind, and who will cause all the world to serve G-d together will be wiser than Solomon, greater than the Patriarchs and Prophets, and more honored than kings; for indeed, he will reign as King of the world. This great revelation will resemble the first time G-d appeared to Moses, at the Burning Bush, and informed him that he had been chosen to redeem the Jewish Nation from Egypt. Moses was then an elderly man of 80 years. However awesome were the miracles of the exodus, the wonders and lasting significance of this final redemption through the Messiah will overshadow them.32-39

Once G-d and the Messiah are revealed, all the world will turn their attention from worldly pursuits to spiritual matters. The occupation of all the world will be only to know G-d, and to worship Him. For indeed, "The knowledge of G-d will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea," and all of us will be His servants. In that era famine, envy, and competition will cease to be, and material goods will be abundant, and available as dust.40-45

When one freely chooses to observe his Code of Law now, prior to the intense revelations of the Messianic Era when Divine Inspiration will be poured upon all mankind, and when death, evil, and the evil inclination in us will be destroyed forever, he purifies his soul and is drawn closer to G-d. Obviously, in the Messianic Era, when only good and truth will exist, and everyone will be serving G-d according to His expressed Will on Mount Sinai, the free-will opportunity for elevating ourselves then will not be as it is now.46-51

This anthology has now ended. We thank G-d for guiding us every step of the way. May it help bring others to You. Amen

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