Why Jews reject Jesus

In this section, I am addressing our readers in a more personal manner, while stating a few reasons why Jews 

don't believe in Jesus.  

It is written in the New Testament that  during the holiday of Passover, Jesus entered the Temple with a  whip

of cords, he overturned tables, and blocked the people from walking through.  He cursed those who disagreed

with him, and he even cursed a fig tree because he was hungry, and he found only leaves on it.  Consider a pious 

and religious man whom you admire, can you imagine him behaving like this?  And if he did, what would you think? 

The New Testament revealed what Jesus' family thought of him. They felt that he was insane, and that  his 

 brothers did not believe in him.  Should this not be an indicator?  If this is what they thought, and they lived with 

 him, then, why should anyone think that they know better?

In our index of verses  discussed, there are an alleged 74 messianic prophecies about Jesus, we maintain that 

 not one is.  Ask someone who is trustfully, and impartial, and is fluent in  Hebrew and English to translate them  in 

 context from the original Hebrew Bible.  Determine for yourself, is it the way missionaries would have you believe?

Lastly, it is intrinsically ingrained in  the Jewish soul that G-d is One.  It is illustrated in various ways in our Hebrew

 Bible.  G-d is infinitely beyond us.  He is the Constant Creator of this massive universe.  If you really believe that He 

was  born as an infant, raised up in a family until manhood, and then died, all in the person of Jesus.....

Then consider what the New Testament also says about Melchizedek, the king of a city-state in the time of 

 Abraham  (Genesis 14:18):

Hebrews 7:3  He is without father or mother or genealogy, and has neither beginning of days nor end of life, but 

resembling the son of G-d , he continues a priest forever.

The writers of the New Testament  believed that there was a thin veil separating Heaven and Earth.  Therefore, it 

 was easy for them to transform human beings into eternal gods. Their mindset re-surfaces elsewhere:

Acts 14:11  And when the crowds saw what Paul did, they lifted up their voices, saying in Lycaonian: "The gods 

have come down to us in the likeness of men!" 

For a further discussion on this theme, and the full quotations in this essay, please read our section called; This is the Messiah?

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