Decisive answers to Christian missionaries

The Christian missionary is a prepared and determined  person whose mission is  to bring others to their faith.  The New Testament in recording Paul's activities has given them authority to deceive and lie in order to achieve this goal. Therefore, we have designed this book and site, so that one could access any  part of it instantly, and that the information that it contains be logical and decisive.  The following is another way of relating to Jesus, the New Testament and Christianity.  It is non-technical, historical and traditional and to many - decisive.

The Christian missionary seeks out Jews  even though there are billions of other non-believers in Jesus because they feel that we are the only people that can validate their faith.  Jesus was Jewish, born and raised in Israel to a  Jewish mother.  He and his family were known to their  neighbors, friends, school mates and teachers etc.  The Jewish nation was there during their life times.  We knew them.  The New Testament, Christians and Christianity came to be long after Jesus died. The Jews are the only contemporary eyewitnesses.

The fact that they did not accept Jesus as their Messiah during his lifetime is a major obstacle and embarrassment for missionaries. This is especially true since the Jewish nation was then living under Roman rule which eventually led to war and the destruction of the Second Temple. If Jesus was the real Messiah he would have been instrumental at ending their hardships and ushering in the Messianic Era.

One should appreciate that if anyone claimed to be the Messiah, he would not have been dismissed without being given proper consideration. Therefore, the Rabbis and secular leaders must of had solid reasons to say no. It is not as if Jesus was an unknown person who suddenly appeared and revealed himself as the long awaited Messiah, and in the rush of the hour he was rejected. He was living among them for 30 years (Luke 3:23)!